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Hello thank you for visiting our web site The Cat Lodge is now closed for Business, we would like to thank all our customers for the past 7 years

Welcome to our cattery, your cat is welcome to our home and will be treated as part of our extended cat family, We have bred and shown cats for over 25 years, and we opened our new venture in 2006.

The Boarding Cattery came about as so many of my new owners wished that they could return there new babies to my care.

Our cattery nestles in between two pear trees and is set in a quiet residential area ofAspley Guise, a small but beautiful village.

we have a large garden and the cattery looks over the centre borders and the bird table, we have a lot of wildlife here including the ducks from the near by pond they often pop in for a waddle, so your beloved friend wont be bored on his or her holidays.

We are situated just 2 miles from junction 13 of the M1 just on the Beds/ Bucks border.

Iindividual attention is on offer from genuine cat lover's with years of experience of Breeding/showing and handling of cats.

Special diets can be catered for and if needed drugs administered.

Petlog Pet-detect microchip service available on site

24 hr vet on call

all pens come with deluxe beds and cozy duvets which the cattery is Heated thruout the winter months, and some have individual heaters. all pens have cat exercising stands.

We also operate a Collection and Delivery Service


The Cat Lodge boarding Cattery prides itself on its excellent health and safety record. This can only be achieved by making sure certain conditions are adhered to, which will safeguard not only the health and well being of your cat but also that of the other cats in the Cattery.

Therefore, before your cat can beaccepted into the Cattery, they MUST satisfy the following conditions:

  • Cats must be neutered (unless less than 6 months old)
  • Cats must be inoculated against Feline Cat Flu & Feline Infectious Enteritis
  • Vaccination boosters are needed annually for ongoing protection and these should be done at least two weeks before entry into the Cattery
  • A current certificate of vaccination for protection against cat flu and enteritis must be produced on arrival
  • Cats must not be suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease, i.e. sneezing
  • Cats must be treated against fleas before boarding (please contact the cattery for advice)
Jeanette Camm 2014 Tel: 01908 587662