Cattery Accommodation

Each individual pen is heated with either tubular heaters, which are mounted on the wall, infrared heaters which can be hung over the cat's bed/sleeping area, or individual heated beds.

New for 2011 the cattery now has central heating Wood Burner.

Each pen has a wide shelf for relaxation or just watching the wildlife in the garden, a cat exercise stand, cosy bed and duvet and piped music.

Our Cattery is situated inside.

Our Cattery is situated inside and these pens, we feel, offer the ideal facilities for elderly cats or young cats which just want to sleep and be warm and cosy, and watch the wild life from the windows.

Sneeze Barriers

All of our pens are fitted with sneeze barriers in between, once again to eliminate the likely transfer of any illness.

We also have safety corridors running down the middle of each section of pens as added security for your pet whilst staying with us.

All cats must be up to date with their yearly vaccination

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